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If You Think Yardwork is a Pain, Join the Club.

After all these years, it’s finally time to admit that yardwork just isn’t any fun. It’s hot, sweaty work best left to people who don’t know any better. There are lots of things better than yardwork. Hanging out with friends, visiting family, and travelling just to name a few. If only you could live in a place where you could do all of that and have someone else take care of the yardwork for you. Oh wait, there is. It’s called The Villas at Forest Springs.

Why Forest Springs?

Here’s why. Forest Springs offers new, conveniently located, and affordable Villa patio homes that come with an extensive list of amenities and services designed for one purpose: To give you maximum leisure time and fun.

Let Us Do the Work

  • Bi-weekly housekeeping
  • Lawn maintenance and snow removal
  • Trash pickup
  • Building maintenance
  • Exterior window washing twice a year
  • Meals in main dining room*
  • Guest meals*

While You Play, Relax, and Have Fun

  • Putting green
  • Full-time Villas Lifestyle Director
  • Regularly-scheduled activities and outings
  • Use of all grounds and common areas on campus
  • Raised garden beds
  • Outdoor sitting areas with grill
  • On-site beauty/barber salon*

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